What color and type of bedding used by hotels

What color and type of bedding used by hotels


Everyone wants to be unique, and bedding is a great way to do it. Ultimately, cotton and polyester blend means longer garment lifetime


Type of Bedding Material

The top picks tend to be cotton and polyester-cotton blend

A hotel with its own washing, drying and ironing equipment will generally prefer pure cotton sheets, although that fabric tends to wrinkle more.

Cotton is a top in the luxury market ( T200, T400, T800 )

Making a poly-cotton blend a better option for properties with limited ironing facilities and it is wrinkles less.


Color of Bedding

For some reason, bright coloured sheets just don’t give us that fresh feeling like white does.

In terms of color, hotel bedding is almost uniformly white, conveying a sense of cleanliness to the guest.

There is some psychology behind it. It is said white color hygiene, sterility, clarity, purity, cleanliness, sophistication and efficiency.



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